Versatile Filling Technology

As a family business, we’ve been serving our clients for over forty years while accumulating a wealth of experience in our business. Having developed a keen eye for detail, our aim is to provide total customer satisfaction and we constantly strive for technical perfection. We combine our expertise in filling technology with a passion for what we do, always striving to perform at the highest level.

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Always at the cutting edge

State-of-the-art precision-technology

When you purchase WICK machinery equipment, you don’t just buy a machine. You acquire filling and closing technology, which is constantly at the cutting edge and that has been especially customized to your requirements. The difference lies in the detail.

Excellent customer service and support

WICK machinery is based on precision technology and a high level of accuracy. We take the necessary time to consult with our customers beforehand, conducting joint planning sessions and providing after sales support.

We cater to large and smaller clients alike. WICK Service means we are there whenever you need us. Our service includes plant installation, commissioning and on-site staff training. We handle your questions and requirements promptly and professionally. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. WICK machines are highly robust, low-maintenance and easy to operate. Whenever there is a problem to be solved, you can count on us and we are there to solve it. Wick quality service reflects our added value for our clients.

WICK. Pharmaceutical Industry - When accuracy is essential

The standards are extremely high and everything has to work perfectly. Total safety is achieved through transparent production at every stage.

WICK. Chemical Industry - As Strong as Goliath

Volatile substances? Corrosive liquids?

No problem – WICK machinery can handle it all! WICK machines continue working normally regardless of adverse conditions or problematic substances.

The units can be operated without difficulty both by newly qualified as well as by seasoned operators.

WICK. Diagnostics - Right to the point

The production process must remain precise from start to finish and production safety is paramount.

WICK machinery scores on all points with perfect results and clear recordings of the processes.

WICK. Cosmetics - Clean and aesthetic

Radiant beauty has strict demands. We at WICK machinery create versatile systems that reflect perfection both in appearance and material. Quick, clean and gentle. We provide first-rate, flexible solutions.

WICK. Food Industry - Fully effective

This is a vibrant market: fast and innovative. WICK machinery stays abreast of developments ensuring successful production. Versatile systems that are easily cleaned and capable of handling products with care.

WICK machinery at your side.

We are always there for you! As a family business, we pay special attention to the needs of our Small Business customers – providing professional assistance on your journey to success – bringing our special WICK expertise to bear.

Commitment to detail.

For the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, diagnostic and food industries – since 1971.

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3 reasons for choosing WICK machinery

Partnership through efficient service …

When a new client approaches us, we must know his needs and familiarize ourselves with his type of business. We pay careful attention to be able to pinpoint his needs. We analyze the existing processes in operation before proceeding towards optimization. We map the processes and interfaces before developing improved solutions in cooperation with our clients. Throughout, we remain at your side, providing professional consultancy and technical support!

... in-house manufacturing …

Planning and production are closely related and must be carefully adapted to customer requirements even down to the smallest details. The outcome must be the highest quality product manufactured under optimal conditions. WICK machinery provides complete customized solutions. We specialize in one-off and batch production, planning and manufacturing with all the necessary flexibility. With our over forty years of experience, we have developed a range of well-proven options while also applying innovative solutions targeted at specific problems.

… and years of experience.

Like father, like son! At WICK machinery, tradition remains our mainstay and is something we value highly. Established in 1971, the family business represents high-level competence and a passionate approach to equipment manufacturing. In over forty years, we have accumulated a wide range of experiences and innovation underlining our motto: “To listen, to understand and to implement”. Andreas Wick builds on his father’s long experience, which is the key to our WICK know-how. This expertise is built into all WICK equipment, for the benefit and satisfaction of WICK machinery customers.

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